The afd.users file

If this file does not exist (or AFD fails to read it) every user may do everything, if he as permission to write to the internal fifo's and database. To restrict access you can enter the users name together with the options he is allowed to use. Here follow some sample entries:

    operator  startup, afd_ctrl, control_transfer, show_slog
    afd       all

The user operator may startup the AFD, he may call afd_ctrl, start/stop a transfer and view the system log, nothing else. Whereas the user afd may do everything. The following table list and describes what permissions are available.

Permission Description
startup Start AFD
shutdown Shutdown AFD
resend Resend files.
send Send files to host not in DIR_CONFIG from show_olog and/or show_queue dialog.
view_passwd View the password in the recipient string. If not set you will only see xxxx in place of the password.
set_passwd Set the password for a certain host and user.
view_data Allows user to view the actual data distributed by AFD.
list_limit x Limit the number of files in the show_xlog dialog to x. Otherwise these process might consume to much memory since they use the list widget.
show_slog View the system log dialog.
show_elog View the event log dialog.
show_tlog View the transfer log dialog.
show_tdlog View the transfer debug log dialog.
show_rlog View the receive log dialog.
show_ilog View the input log dialog.
show_olog View the output log dialog.
show_dlog View the delete log dialog.
show_queue See what files are currently being queued on input and or output.
delete_queue Allows user to delete file from the queue. If you set this option then you must also set the above option show_queue.
edit_hc Use the edit_hc dialog.
afd_ctrl View the afd_ctrl dialog.
rafd_ctrl View the afd_ctrl dialog via mon_ctrl dialog.
dir_ctrl View the dir_ctrl dialog.
disable_dir Disable a certain directory.
rescan Rescan a certain directory. Only useful for directories where time option is set in [dir options].
dir_info View the dir_info dialog.
AMG_control Start/Stop AMG
FD_control Start/Stop FD
handle_events Allows user to handle events via afd_ctrl and/or dir_ctrl dialog.
control_queue Start/Stop queue
control_transfer Start/Stop transfer
switch_host Switch host if there is a secondary host.
disable Disable a certain host.
info Information about each host or AFD.
view_dir_config View how this host is configured in the DIR_CONFIG.
debug Enable/Disable debug
trace Enable/Disable trace
full_trace Enable/Disable full trace
file_dir_check Force a a check of stale jobs in the file directory.
force_archive_check Force process archive_check to remove files in archive directory. archive_check does this at a fixed interval and afdcmd can be used to force a scan outside this interval.
show_exec_stat Allows usage of program to show and reset CPU clock times for exec/fork statistics.
retry Send retry command for a host.
view_jobs View more detailed information about each current transfer.
afd_load View afd_load dialog.
reread_dir_config Reread DIR_CONFIG to activate any changes.
reread_host_config Reread HOST_CONFIG to activate any changes.
reread_interface_file Reread local_interface.list to activate any changes.
afdcmd Use of the command line program afdcmd to control most of the above.
afdcfg Use of the command line program afdcfg to enable/disable certain features in the AFD.
mon_ctrl View the mon_ctrl dialog.
mon_startup Start AFD monitor (afd_mon).
mon_shutdown Shutdown AFD monitor.
disable_afd Disable monitoring of an AFD.
mafdcmd Use of the command line program mafdcmd to control the AFD monitor.

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