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Process WSA
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Released: 4th February 1996

Error handling by FD + SF_TCP
Process that cleans archive directory.
User must be able to stop transfer to all or certain hosts.
Stop AMG for certain hosts.
Log transfer information.
Log system information.
Log debug transfer information.
Port to Sun.
Port to Irix.
Manual retries for for host with errors.
When starting, clean transmitting directory and count no. of files for each host.
Implement compress/uncompress command.
Implement gzip/gunzip command.
Implement prefix option.
Option to send (copy) files locally (sf_loc).

Released: 14th March 1996

When archiving, create an extra level of directories (1000 dirs not enough).
Add fool proof startup of AFD.
Turn AMG and FD ON/OFF via afd_ctrl.
Cut log file when it reaches a certain size.
Add button/status bar to bottom of afd_ctrl.
Dialog that displays the log files.
Remove hang-ups in sf_tcp (accept).
When starting AFD with 'afd' command ensure it cannot be started twice.
Show which user has turned AFD, AMG or FD ON/OFF.
Tool to edit FSA.
Add option to switch host address.
Add pull-right menu CONTROL.
Add slow transfer mode.  
Add option for AMG to wait for a certain number of files to arrive before creating a job.
When sf_xxx is done report back to FD.
Add support for proxy servers.

Released: 21th May 1996

Add job counter in button/status bar.
Add TIFF to GTS converter (tiff2gts).
Support FTP block mode. Note: This is useless, since no server I know supports this.  
Add ageing option.
Stabilise afd_ctrl over very slow connections.
Enable sending files by priority.
Added linger option which solved problem with missing data in last block. Thus removing slow transfer mode.
When AFD starts up, initialise it with previous status.
Port to HP-UX.
When number of jobs for a certain host reaches a critical stage it automatically stops the queue.
Add option to extract bulletins from file to send each bulletin in a separate file.
Implement sending files via email.

Released: 16th October 1996

Added the option to lock the file on the remote side with a prefix that can be specified on a per user basis.
Add GTS to TIFF converter (gts2tiff).
Create information window for each host.
Implement ASCII-mode to transfer files via FTP.
Remove process WSA. During very heavy system load it can happen that it takes to long for the fifos to be flushed. To implement atomic writes in the FSA we now use advisory record locking. [On systems with good fifo performance this is a performance LOST!]  
In AMG_DATABASE allow definitions of equal file masks/filters for separate file sections but belonging to the same file group.
Write SMTP client, so we do not need to take care of any special features of the mail program.
Change address format in message and AMG_DATABASE to URL.

Released: 18th December 1996

Added function ftp_quick_quit() which does not wait for a reply from the remote side.
Revise function get_afd_path() so it does not mess up *argv[].
To run the AFD more then once on one machine, use only one set of binaries.
Improve log output of transfer log file. (parallel connect number, reason why a command has not completed successfully)
Burst mode for SF_FTP (to avoid to constantly connect and disconnect).
Increase speed in show_log when selecting certain hosts or debug level is wanted.
Remove 'not a typewriter' bug from fsa_edit and add more editable fields.
Limit number of log files.
When restarting the AFD let process 'afd_ctrl' notice this change so it does not have to be restarted as well.
Add support for auto switching when an error has occurred.

Released: 14th January 1997

Write one central configuration header file in which all important options can be set.
Implement bursting for FD.
Append file when only part of the file was transmitted.
Transfer timeout can now be specified in the HOST_CONFIG file.
Add LED's to show if queue/transfer is stopped.
Remove memory leak in AMG.  
Implement renaming.
Log all file names that are grabbed by the AFD.
Show information even though we do not find any IP number.
Create history file for AMG_DATABASE.
Execute any type of command on every file to be distributed (AMG).
Port to SCO.

Released: 17th February 1997

Version 0.8.0

Handle error condition with files of zero length.
Before bursting check if the file does not already exist in the transmitting directory. If so, cancel the burst.
Port to IRIX 6.x (64 bit)
Write mmap emulator to support systems that do not have mmap().
For performance improvement let sf_loc try to hard link files first before copying.
All executables show what version they are and when they where compiled.
Process + Dialog that reactivates files from archive.
Dialog that shows I/O log.
Font in show_log is set by parameter and debug toggle added.
Create a menu bar for the afd_ctrl.
Save setup from afd_ctrl.
For AMG, make the number of file groups dynamic.
Make init_afd a daemon process.
Report when files in source directory are older then 24h.
Remove any limits for rename.rule file.
Allow the system administrator to block certain functions, ie not allow a user to control everything.
Create process sf_map that sends files to the MAP system.

Released: 1st July 1997

Version 0.9.0

Allow for the AFD system administrator to supply a name for the AFD.
Add support for quick multi selection in afd_ctrl.
Allow administrator to supply host alias names. So it is no longer necessary to change the /etc/hosts.
Dialog to edit HOST_CONFIG file.
A TCP daemon that supplies information off a running AFD.
Integrate TCP daemon into the AFD.
Create function that allows a process to be active once only while it is running.
Support for FSS ready files.
AMG option to extract WMO bulletins.
Write program aftp for external users of the AFD.

Released: 24th September 1997

Version 1.0.0

Allow user to limit the number of parallel bursts.**
AMG should ignore files that do not have read permission.**
Return of the HOST_CONFIG file.  ****
Allow user to disable a host.**
Dialog that shows the distribution of files by file name in more detail.*
Remove the limit for the number of hosts that afd_ctrl can handle.*
Popup a message dialog when an error occurs for any X application.**
When afd_ctrl exits, close all its open windows.**
Support to send files via WMO TCP sockets.***
Send message names via fifo to the FD and create messages only ones. So the FD does not need to read each message everytime a new job arrives..****
Process that logs all deleted files.*
Search input queue for old files.**
Clear pool directory at start.*
Dialog to show deleted files.*
Dialog that shows load of AFD.*
Add option to use file name as subject when sending mail.*
Allow for user name in recipient for show_olog and show_ilog.*
Reread HOST_CONFIG/DIR_CONFIG only when the user wants to.**
Show line number if there is an error in the DIR_CONFIG.***
Let AMG use threads to handle the directories.*
Detect files without a corresponding message.****
Correct FSA entries when incorrect.**

Released: 22th June 1998

Version 1.1.0

Process that monitors other AFD's.***
Dialog to monitor and control other AFD's on remote sites.***
Dialog that shows information on a remote AFD.*
Configuration file AFD_CONFIG wherein the user can configure values that would normaly need a recompile.*
Dialog to show DIR_CONFIG data on a per host basis.*
Reduce system load for archive_watch.**
Option to tell AMG to wait for a certain character at the end of a file before it will be picked up.**
afd_mon should collect all host names that are being served by the AFD's.**
Add option for sf_loc to change owner and group of a copied or moved file.*
Add option for sf_loc to change permission of a copied or moved file.*
Allow only certain hosts to connect to AFDD.*
Add new log type CONFIG.*
Time job for AMG.****

Released: 8th September 1999

Version 1.2.0

X dialog that shows the output of a running process, such as ping and traceroute.***
Limit the number of process that dir_check may generate on a per directory basis.****
Log everything received by AFD (as transfer log).***
Retrieve files from a remote host.***
Dialog that shows and controls the directories monitored by AFD (as afd_ctrl).**
Dialog that shows some information on a directory from dir_ctrl.*
Time option for each directory.*
Dialog to send files from archive to hosts that are not in the FSA.***
Process that counts the number of files and their files send per min/hour/day/ week/month/year***
Implement FTP passive mode.*
Print button for show_cmd dialog.*
Possibility to disable monitoring an AFD in mon_ctrl dialog.*
Generic FTP proxy procedure.**
In mon_ctrl show history of receive, system and transfer log.*
New time option that does NOT collect data outside the specified time range.*

Released: 24th September 2000

Version 1.3.0

Option chmod for FTP.*
Option to execute command on the remote host.*
Ageing priorities for process FD.***
Reduce disk load of process archive_watch.**
Option to attach all files in one mail.*
Before any sf_xxx process terminate they should check with FD if there is they should check with FD if there is anoter job for them to do.***
Dialog to view and delete any files in the AFD queue.***
Store active/passive mode in HOST_CONFIG.*
Store host status in HOST_CONFIG.*
Port to AIX.*
Multiple DIR_CONFIG´s.**
Support for the SCP protocol (SSH1+2).**
Use GNU autoconfig and automake to build AFD.*
The programm name to call other programms on the remote node should be made configurable in AFD_MON_CONFIG.**
Configuration option for afd_mon to always disconnect.*
Port to MacOS/Darwin.*
Production log, so it is possible to trace files within AFD.**
A SSL FTP client.**
Support for the HTTP and HTTPS protocol.**
Input statistics.*
Option to make show_olog and show_ilog show the information continuesly.*
Timeout for exec option.*
Create target directory remote and local (both optionally).**
Transfer rate control for each host.**
Implement sending files from AFD queue.***
Optional central info file.*
Allow user to specify some actions if a host is not working.**
Option to initialize AFD.*
Switching AFD's in afd_mon, mon_ctrl.*

Released: 18th August 2005

Version 2.0.0

SFTP support.***
Group transfer rate limit.**
Dialog to view statistics.*
Create WMO server.*
Follow directories. Add a dir option that tells AFD to search all subsequent directories.**TODO
Rename option for send in show_olog.*TODO
Dialog to edit DIR_CONFIG.****TODO
Support for IP6.***TODO
Convert all dialogs to GTK+.**TODO
Write process sf_sql to send files to a database.**TODO
Implement context sensitive help for the 'afd_ctrl' dialog.*TODO
Create process that can do multi-casting.**TODO
Support for sending files via HTTP protocol.*TODO

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