Send File Window

[image of xsend_file dialog]

The dialog xsend_file is the graphical interface to the command line tools aftpand asmtp and is used by the show_ologand show_queue dialog. It sends a given list of files to some other destination.

To use this program directly the syntax is as follows:

    Usage: xsend_file [options] <file name file>
                  -f <font name>

For the scheme FTP the dialog has the following appearance:

[closeup of the FTP selection part]
 1  Choose the scheme ie. the protocol to use. Currently only ftp and mailto (SMTP) are implemented.
 2  Enter the user name here.
 3  Password field.
 4  Enter a a hostname or IP number where the files are to be send.
 5  Directory on remote host where data is to be stored.
 6  If this is set, the remote directory will be created recursively if it does not exist.
 7  When to timeout the network connection. The value here is in seconds.
 8  The port where you want to connect.
 9  The FTP transfer mode to use, possibel values are ASCII, BIN and DOS.
 10  What locking procedure to use when we are still writting to the remote file.
 11  When set the window will show in more details what it is currently doing.
 12  By default the files are send in active mode, to use passive mode press this button.

For scheme mailto (SMTP) the dialog looks slightly different:

[closeup of the SMTP selection part]

The directory field is now used to insert the subject of the mail and at the bottom there is an additional option "Attach file" to attach files using base64 encoding.

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Last updated: 06.07.2005
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