Configuration Files

There are several configuration files in the $AFD_WORK_DIR/etc which can be used to configure the AFD which are listed int the table below:

Configuration file Description
DIR_CONFIG This is the main configuration file used to tell AFD which directories are to be monitored and what it has to do with files which appearing in these directories.
HOST_CONFIG Holds specific configuration for each host to which AFD either sends or retrieves files.
rename.rule Here can be defined the rules to rename files by using the rename or trans_rename options of the DIR_CONFIG.
AFD_CONFIG Configuration file to change some of the default compiled in values of the main process of the AFD. Contains the name of this AFD.
afd.users Permission file that specifies what a user may do. Contains information for all hosts configured.
INFO-<hostname> Contains information for this particular host which will be displayed by the afd_info dialog.

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